Why post political content on a business site?

It might seem strange that I would post my political opinion on my business site. Half of my potential clients may shy away because they have a different political view or just think this is the wrong place to voice political ideas.

From my point of view, this is a matter of perspective. My perspective is similar to Clint Eastwood’s character Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino when he said “Get off my lawn!” At the time of this posting I am closer to 78 than 77 and view the world in a much different way than I did in my earlier years.

At my age I enjoy being able to develop websites and provide a useful service to my clients. I also might discourage a potential client from using my gifts simply because I don’t know how long I will be able to sustain this activity.

I like the United States I grew up in. The one where I got married, raised children and had a career. Politically speaking, I don’t like what I see happening in our country and feel a sense of satisfaction when I tell the extreme liberal, socialist/communist enthusiasts to collectively get off my lawn!