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We believe we were created for community. In our busy culture it takes intentional effort to carve out space for friendship and faith to develop. Canvas Groups help facilitate both. We know it’s impossible for everyone to know everyone. However, it’s our goal that everyone knows someone!

Canvas Groups begin in September and run through May. Groups meet twice a month at different locations on different days at different times throughout the week. This gives more opportunity for people to get plugged in.

Canvas Groups are multigenerational. Some groups are set up to host young families with children, others are not. There is typically a potluck-style meal or dessert, as well as discussion and prayer.

If you want to join a Group email Rhonda Roth, our Canvas Groups Coordinator, at:



Canvas Church reflects the generational diversity of Kootenai County. This is reflected in our worship gatherings as well as our ministry teams. Our mission to Reach People and Build Lives extends to all ages. Here are a few of the strategic ways we do this:


Tuesday morning Small Group provides an excellent way to get to know other women, learn more about God\'s Word, and connect with our church.

The Mentoring Journey is a year-long group that helps women grow in their faith in God, relationships with people, as well as ministry and gifts.


The Mentoring Journey is a year-long group that provides an environment where we can discovery more about our identity in Christ, our roles as leaders, and develop stronger relationships in the home and among friends.

There are periodic events throughout the year, including a Men's Conference each spring.

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Serving is where community begins at Canvas Church. We believe serving is a critical aspect of our spiritual growth and is an act of worship to God. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the church and our community. We have a process to help get you plugged in where you are most gifted and it begins with our Discovery Classes.


This is a laid back and intimate lunch that gives us an opportunity to share more about our culture, mission and vision with you. If you want to begin serving/volunteering, the Discovery Lunch is one of the next steps for you. If you are curious when the next lunch is, please contact Kandle Galaz. Childcare is provided.

D1 - D2

These classes are intended to help you really define your gifts so that you can serve in an area of the church that will be enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling. These classes are also a great stepping stone for those that would like to move forward in becoming a church member.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Discovery process or to sign up, please email:

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