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Sunday Gathering: 10 AM - In-Person / Online

Our Values


We understand trying out a new church can be very intimidating. Our desire is for your visit, at Canvas Church, to be relaxing and enjoyable. Something to look forward to. So, we answered a few questions we thought you might be asking in order to take some of the guesswork and anxiety out of your visit.

What To Expect:

  • There is no dress code so don’t worry about getting all dressed up.
  • Friendly people who remember what it feels like to be a guest.
  • Good coffee.
  • If you have kids, they are going to be safe, have fun, and learn about Jesus. Our kids’ volunteers not only love kids they have also been background checked and well trained.
  • Our band will lead us in singing a few songs…feel free to sing along if you would like to.
  • There will be a 30-40 minute thought provoking and practical Bible-based teaching.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you have kids, show up a few minutes early, check them in at one of our Kiosks and one of our volunteers can show you where their class is.
  • If you have questions one of our volunteers wearing an “I Can Help” lanyard, can help. 
  • You are welcome to grab a cup of coffee and bring it into the auditorium with you.


At Canvas Church we understand that every organization has a culture. The culture is either set intentionally or accidentally. Below are ten statements of the kind of culture we are intentionally creating as a church.

What To Expect:

  1. We are a safe place for people to discover and follow Jesus. All people matter to God, so they must matter to us.
  2. We will give up things we love for things we love even more.
  3. We will allow ourselves to be challenged by truth.
  4. We will serve our community with no strings attached.
  5. We will make much of Jesus and His saving work on the cross.
  6. We are contributors, not consumers. The church does not exist for us. We are the church and we exist for the world.
  7. We will take risks, try new things, and learn as we go.
  8. We will lead the way with irrational generosity.
  9. We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.
  10. We will align our lives with the character of Jesus.


Our Mission:

We exist to REACH people and BUILD lives. One of the ways we accomplish this is by creating a safe place for people to discover and follow Jesus.

We Believe:

We are a Bible-believing and teaching church. The Scriptures are absolute; we look to them for knowledge as to who God is and the wisdom for how we should live our lives.

Our Team

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Nate Day

Lead Pastor

Nate was born and raised in Port Orchard, Washington. He and Heidi, his high school sweetheart, and wife of over 20 years, met and married there. Together they have 4 beautiful children: Abigail, Madelyn, Ethan and Micah. As well as a mini schnauzer named Boston and possibly a fish in one of the kid’s rooms. Nate is a general contractor and owns his own business. Dirt biking, skiing (snow & water) and wake surfing are a few of his hobbies; he also likes to golf, he’s just no good at it. Although they moved to Coeur d’Alene over 10 years ago, coffee and Seattle sports, as heartbreaking as they are, are still among his favorites.

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Jacob Cormier

Youth Pastor

Jacob grew up in Marysville, Washington, where he met and recently married the love of his life, Madison. They are proud owners of their Chihuahua, Moon. If you ever want to know where Jacob is, he's probably at Taco Bell. He loves coffee, but only if it's sweet and full of sugar. Jacob is also a die hard Seattle sports fan and fantasy football enthusiast.

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Rhonda Roth

Worship Leader

Rhonda was born and raised in Oregon. She met her husband, Darcy, of 26 years, while attending Trinity Bible College in North Dakota! Together they have two grown children: Preston and McKenzie. They enjoy every season of life with them and are so proud of their accomplishments but, most importantly, that they serve Jesus. Having grown up a pastor’s kid, Rhonda takes after her dad and has a heart for missions. Hands down, family is what makes Rhonda happy. She also enjoys meeting new people, sporting events, concerts, hiking the beautiful mountains of North Idaho, antique shopping, missions trips, and Tacos.

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Kea Fisher


Kea has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years and has been a part of the Canvas team since 2012.  She was raised in Coeur d’Alene, where she met and married her best friend, David.  Together they raised three beautiful daughters, and now have three amazing son-in-laws and four adorable grandchildren as well.  Her favorite things are spending time in nature, relaxing with some dark chocolate and a good book, and being with her family.

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Kortney Blair

Children\'s Ministry Director

Kortney is an Idaho native who finds joy in spending time outdoors with her family. She is often found with her outgoing & fun husband, Bryce, and 3 gregarious children. Her love of reading and organization has led her to take on the adventure of homeschooling her kids. Excellent nutrition and quality coffee are the fuels which spur her life along. Kortney loves people, so living in Coeur d’Alene close to family and friends keeps her close to home and Canvas.

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Erica Wamsley


Erica was born and raised in North Idaho and appropriately has a love for finding ways to enjoy the great outdoors during Idaho’s four-seasons. Outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, white-water rafting and skiing often include her wonderful husband, Kenny, along with one, two, or all three of their outgoing children -Tristan, Aubrey and Nick, and their over-the-top-non-stop-affectionate-and-furry Border Collie, Maverick. Cooking (eating said cooking!) reading, exercising, and precious moments invested in laughing and learning with family & friends are Erica’s go-to favorite ways to spend her free-time.



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Get Connected

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What's Happening?

  • Sunday Gatherings: (In-Person- 10 AM Online- 10 AM)
  • Midweek Gatherings: (Wednesdays, 7:00 PM)
  • Adult Bible Study: (September-May)
  • Public Student Ministry: (Middle school - High school)
  • Kids Clubs: (3 years - 5th grade)(September-May)
  • Mpact Girls Clubs
  • Royal Ranger
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Staying connected just got that much easier...

You can update your contact information, submit a prayer request, and check the box to indicate your interest in information to help you take the next step in your relationship with Jesus or in serving.

Thanks for helping us stay connected!


Adult Connections

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We believe we were created for community. In our busy culture it takes intentional effort to carve out space for friendship and faith to develop. Canvas Groups help facilitate both. We know it’s impossible for everyone to know everyone. However, it’s our goal that everyone knows someone!

Canvas Groups begin in September and run through May. Groups meet twice a month at different locations on different days at different times throughout the week. This gives more opportunity for people to get plugged in.

Canvas Groups are multigenerational. Some groups are set up to host young families with children, others are not. There is typically a potluck-style meal or dessert, as well as discussion and prayer.

If you want to join a Group email Rhonda Roth, our Canvas Groups Coordinator, at:



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Canvas Church reflects the generational diversity of Kootenai County. This is reflected in our worship gatherings as well as our ministry teams. Our mission to Reach People and Build Lives extends to all ages. Here are a few of the strategic ways we do this:


Tuesday morning Small Group provides an excellent way to get to know other women, learn more about God\'s Word, and connect with our church.

The Mentoring Journey is a year-long group that helps women grow in their faith in God, relationships with people, as well as ministry and gifts.


The Mentoring Journey is a year-long group that provides an environment where we can discovery more about our identity in Christ, our roles as leaders, and develop stronger relationships in the home and among friends.

There are periodic events throughout the year, including a Men's Conference each spring.

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Serving is where community begins at Canvas Church. We believe serving is a critical aspect of our spiritual growth and is an act of worship to God. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in the church and our community. We have a process to help get you plugged in where you are most gifted and it begins with our Discovery Classes.


This is a laid back and intimate lunch that gives us an opportunity to share more about our culture, mission and vision with you. If you want to begin serving/volunteering, the Discovery Lunch is one of the next steps for you. If you are curious when the next lunch is, please contact Kandle Galaz. Childcare is provided.

D1 - D2

These classes are intended to help you really define your gifts so that you can serve in an area of the church that will be enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling. These classes are also a great stepping stone for those that would like to move forward in becoming a church member.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Discovery process or to sign up, please email: admin@canvascda.com.

Canvas Kids

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We love kids at Canvas Church! We want children to know that They Matter, Jesus LOVES them and Having Fun is essential for learning and growing. We have an absolutely incredible team that works together to accomplish this. We share your concern for your child's safety, that's why every leader and helper gets background checked and we employ a secure check in/pick up system for each child. If you are visiting for the first time, we encourage you to show up 15 minutes early so you can get your kids checked in and we can answer any questions you have.

Sunday Gathering:

Our goal is to create a fun and interactive gathering tailor made for kids.

Wednesday Kids Clubs:

Our Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Clubs are centered around mentorship for boys and girls. (September-May)

  • Nursery: Birth-3rd Birthday
  • Rainbows Preschool Club: All 3-5 Year Olds
  • Royal Rangers Clubs: Boys Kindergarten-5th Grade
  • Mpact Girls Clubs: Girls Kindergarten-5th Grade

Local Ministries

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Middle school and high school years are pivotal and exciting. The decisions being made will help set the trajectory of students lives as adults. We want Jesus to be a part of their decision making process because we know He is crazy about them! That\'s why Public exists to help students discover and follow Jesus.

Our philosophy is simple... everyone is welcome.

So, if you are a middle school or high school student, come hang out with us, Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.

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At Canvas Church, we have a driving passion to feed and resource our neighbors. That is why we’ve partnered with 2nd Harvest, University of Idaho’s Eat Smart & Borah Elementary to provide a Healthy Choice Food Pantry. The goal of our pantry is simple: Help people in need put nutritious food on the table. If you want to donate click the link to the left, buy some food on that list, and drop it by Canvas Church. Currently we are serving about 100 people weekly! We are open every Thursday from 2:30-4:00 PM.


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Our local schools are vital to the health of our community. That is why we have identified Coeur d’Alene School District 271 as one of our strategic partnerships. Volunteering in classrooms, helping with special events, taking kids to camp, and providing gifts to families in need through our Christmas Giving Tree are just some of the ways we provide support. In fact, our Healthy Choice Food Pantry is a Coeur d’Alene school-district food pantry and it is located on our campus. The overlap of our desires for a healthy community makes this partnership a no-brainer!

Global Ministries

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God has a special place in His heart for the poor, suffering, and marginalized. So do we. The desire to maximize our efforts of help led us into a great partnership with Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian organization. Instead of rambling on about them, which could take a while, go check out their website for yourself.


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Our passion for people to discover and follow Jesus extends to those in our community as well as communities around the world. We impact the communities around the world primarily through prayer and monthly financial support of Assemblies of God World Missionaries (AGWM) who are on the ground. Canvas Church is able to provide monthly support to our missionaries through the generosity of people who contribute monthly. It’s exciting to help propel the gospel message across the street and around the world!



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We believe three things about giving at Canvas Church:

  • Giving is worship
  • Giving makes a difference
  • Giving brings joy

There are several ways to give at Canvas Church. We encourage everyone to find the way that works best for them.

  • Give at the Sunday gathering
  • Give online
  • Give by mail (see address below)

The Board of Deacons at Canvas Church ensure giving goes to provide care for the pastors and leaders, training, supplies for ministry, maintenance of our facility, spreading the gospel, and care for people. In short, your giving goes towards Reaching People and Building Lives in our community and around the world.



Our Address

2200 N 7th St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Call Us

(208) 667-5481

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