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Active Sites
Alexander Enterprises
Alexander EnterprisesAlexander Enterprises' site was developed by another website provider that was unable to provide timely updates. In 2006 I was recommended to Alexander Enterprises by a former colleague at HVVi and was able to replace all of their pages with easily updatable files using Dreamweaver CS3. Flash slide shows replaced static project photos to allow future updates having more projects. Static views of project details have been replaced with Lightbox displays. Spry Accordion technology has been incorporated to show articles and testimonials. This upgrade, including sizing and rendering of pictures took less than a week to complete. Site maintenance continues. In 2014 a new site was launched containing image slider technology, HTML5, and responsive design. All Flash was replaced to allow access through portable devices.
Cannon Beach Community Church
CBCCThe Cannon Beach Community Church site replaced a very old and dated site in 2011. Since then, it has been updated in incorporate HTML5 coding to support portable devices. SEO techniques were implemented resulting in first page search results within one week of launch. The site is maintained weekly.
Cannon Beach Food Pantry
CBFPThe Cannon Beach Food Pantry was built and launched in April, 2014.
Casa Esperanza para Ninos
WHS 60House of Hope for Children, founded in 1999, is a non-profit public charity that focuses on the needs of children in Hermosillo, MX. This is one of the first sites focusing in the use of HTML5 coding.
Chemical Feeding Technology
CFTIChemical Feeding Technologies, Inc., provides engineering services and equipment sales to the water and waste water treatment industry. This site was designed in 2007, replacing a site written in FrontPage. The new site is built with Dreamweaver CS3 and uses Spry menus and accordion features. Excel formulas have been converted to html and inserted into several system sizing pages. A wmv movie showing a water treatment method was converted to flash for use in this site. PHP forms are used to solicit information, and provide a credit application. Support continues for this site.
Freedom Ride AZ
FreeONArizona's Tombstone Harley Hearse provides funeral services with the utmost dignity and honor. It is a one-of-a-kind funeral service that celebratrates life with dignity, grace and the roll of thunder.
FreeON Golf League
FreeONAs an officer of the FreeON Golf League (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Golf League) I originally developed the site in Deneba Canvas for members to view the schedule of coming events and results of golf tournaments. I then updated the site in Adobe GoLive. The current site, rewritten in Dreamweaver reflects that many former Motorola golfers now work for Freescale Semiconductor or ON Semi, thus the name FreeON. Animations created in Adobe Live Motion have been removed and replaced with HTML5 and Javascript code for portable device compatibility.
Kimberley Alexander Contemporary Art & Design
Kimberley AlexanderThis is the second site developed for Kimberley Alexander, the first being Alexander Enterprises. This site contained a number of firsts for in that it used full screen background images in a slideshow format. It also includes a novel slideshow created in iPhoto and converted to an online video. Further, art was displayed using flashxml. These features were developed in 2010. In 2012 - 2013 the site was upgraded again to HTML5 and Javascript to support viewing on tablets and smartphones. Further, Adobe Contribute has been applied to this site, allowing the owner to make certain modifications on her own.
Lower Columbia Bowl
Recreation LanesLower Columbia Bowl is a 12 lane bowling alley in Astoria, OR. This site was developed in November 2013. It features Css3 menus and WOW Slider technologies and is designed with responsive techniques to allow access with portable devices.
Northwest Senior Tour
NWSTThis site contains a lot of numerical data for reporting tournament results. Thus, this site is build around a MySQLi database and PHP includes, the first done by The site was launched July 22, 2014.
Precision Drivelines
Precision DrivelinesPrecision Drivelines of Arizona, Inc. provides drivelines, gear boxes, power steering pumps, hydraulic cylinder rams and rebuilds heavy duty hydraulic pumps for your trucking, agricultural, and automotive needs.
Sold By Tayler
Sold By TaylerSold By Tayler is a website built for Tayler Alexander-Perez. Tayler is a realtor with Central Real Estate Co. located in Chandler, AZ
TexAZ Commercial Properties
TexAZTexAZ is a developer of light industrial properties. This particular development is located in League City, TX about half way between Houston and Galveston. This site was built using Dreamweaver in 2008 with periodic updates continuing.
Willamette High School Class of 1960
WHS 60As a member of this class I provided a website to celebrate our 50th reunion that is more personal than Facebook or Classmate information is contained in this site and updates are made on about a monthly basis as new events occur. Unfortunately, reporting the passing of classmates is a part of this service.
Inactive Sites
Coastal Limousine
CRMThis 2011 site was very small and short-lived. The Seaside, Oregon limousine service was suspended after less than a year of operation.
Coastal Repair & Maintenance
CRMCoastal Repair & Maintenance (CRM) was a metal fabrication firm in Seaside, OR that also provided a host of other services. The first web site for CRM was written early 2006 using Adobe GoLive. The second site was my first Dreamweaver CS3 site and was created in the summer of 2007. It is also the first site containing a short movie section. Numerous updates have been created to reflect the changing business of CRM and new website development techniques. CRM is another victim of the sluggish economy and is no longer in business.
Davine Wedding Cakes
CRMThis site was developed in 2010 but never launched. The client affiliated herself with My Mom's Toffee and abandoned this site.
DsTny Church
CRMThe DsTny website was a part of Historic First Presbyterian Church's ministry. This site during the period of 2006 - 2009 focused on developing a congregation from the younger community. Over time, the function of DsTny was wrapped into the mainstream of the church.
El Bethel
El BethelThe El Bethel web site is an extension of the site developed for Historic First Presbyterian Church and provides a separate site focusing on HFPC's ministry to the Ethiopian church. This site has been moved to internal development.
Flooring 2 Day
Flooring 2 DayThe Flooring 2 Day site was developed by another provider. I was asked in 2010 and 2012 to modify the site through the addition of online forms and cosmetic improvements. They apparently are no longer in business as the site is no longer active.
Historic First Presbyterian Church
HFPCThe Historic First Presbyterian Church (HFPC) site was resurrected in 2003 after an extended period of being dormant and out of date. HFPC's site was rewritten in Adobe GoLive and reflects the spirit of church members who collaborated to determine the content for the site. Following the call of Rev. Nathan Byrd in 2008, the site was further upgraded in Dreamweaver to reflect a new era of ministry at HFPC. This is an active site that is updated weekly. Church staff have been trained to maintain the calendar contained in the site and to FTP large documents to me.
HVVi Semiconductor
CRMHVVi was a startup fabless semiconductor company focusing on a new, high-power, RF device. Three websites were created, each focusing on different phases of the business: startup, product development, and manufacturing. These sites were constructed over the period 2004 - 2009. In 2011, HVVi ceased doing business and its assets were auctioned off.
Munch A Bunch Vending
Recreation LanesMunch A Bunch Vending is located in the Kansas City metro area. This site was launched in January 2014. It features Css3 menus and WOW Slider technologies and is designed with responsive techniques to allow access with portable devices. In July, 2014 the company was sold and the site is no longer active.
My Mom's Toffee
ToffeeThis is a preexisting site that I was contracted to make cosmetic change to in 2011. Substantial changes were made to the site through the addition of a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and the removal of many unnamed formatting styles in the code.
Pacific Title
CRMThis site was developed and maintained during the 2006 - 2008 timeframe. Some time after this period, the company changed its hosting service and elected to have that company build a new site for them.
Pinehurst Home Owners Association
CRMThe Pinehurst HOA site was developed and maintained from 2008 to 2012. In 2012, one of the home owners in the association elected to adopt a "do-it-yourself" approach. With the availability of low-cost alternatives to web design this is always a risk a web developer has. The Association did praise the work I performed for them and we parted ways with no hard feelings.
Recreation Lanes Bowling
Recreation LanesRecreation Lanes is a 12 lane bowling alley in Gearhart, OR that has a high quality restaurant & lounge along with Oregon Lottery gaming machines. The site was developed in 2010 with updates and maintenance continuing.
Relief Bridge
CRMRelief Bridge was a short lived site developed in 2011. It was intended to describe a new venture for a Presbyterian minister attempting to meld his military experience into a ministry to facilitate the movement of goods and services to where they are most needed. As is sometimes the case, this venture did not get off the ground.
Sun Valley Guttering
Sun ValleySun Valley Guttering provides gutters and downspouts for homes in the Phoenix East Valley. This site was launched in September 2009 and was built using Dreamweaver.
The Coleman Austin Group
TCAGThe Coleman-Austin Group is a two person consulting team that focuses on cost-saving business practices for U.S. and international clients. This web site was first built in early 2000 using Deneba Canvas. It was converted to Adobe GoLive in 2003 and then to Dreamweaver. Although unconventional in layout, it reflects the desire of the client and the style of early 2000 websites. Coleman and Austin are now retired and the site is no longer live.
Tillamook Bay Boathouse
CRMThis site was developed in 2007 for a commercial fishing and crabbing enterprise in Garibaldi, OR. Timing couldn't have been worse for this client as his business sustained significant damage in the December 2007 storm plus a very poor year for commercial fishing. The site was completed but never launched. Another example of the risks in developing websites.